Budgeting my Gun Fund pre-Season

What’s the right gift for the gunner in your life?


Ladies, Get Mean

Are you mentally prepared to aggress on your attacker verbally?

The 1911 is dead, long live the 1911

The 1911 is a wonderful gun. It fits the hand snugly, the trigger is possibly the epitome of man/machine interfaces, and it throws a 230gr round affectionately referred to as a ‘flying ashtray’ with a stout and reliable authority. It’s also a woefully antiquated design, with poor ergonomics, too much barrel and mass for concealed…

Tactical Incest

The biggest danger about institutional knowledge is that ‘everyone knows, this is how it’s done’.

Steps Before Self-Defense

The most important decision to make, is the conscious decision to fight back. It’s a trope as old as Colt. A woman walks into a gun shop, looks at the gun owner. “I’ve got a man slapping me around– I need a gun.” It makes for good Hollywood fodder, but abuse is something that’s poorly…