Downloading Magazines?

Don’t let junk science convince you not to top your magazines off.


First Gun Problems

Approached by a friend with arthritis who needed a new gun. This one required thinking outside the box!

The Budget Gun

We’ve all been there, at one point in our lives. Ready to take the plunge into gun ownership, but facing the biggest of all obstacles: a budget. Maybe you are a college student who needs reliable self protection on campus. Or a single parent who is a little worried about trouble in the neighborhood. You…

The Twelve-Gauge Fallacies

There’s a concept called ‘common knowledge’ or ‘colloquial wisdom’ that persists in virtually every field of human discussion with institutional knowledge. This can have several definitions; the most common one is a variation on the theme that there is certain knowledge or factual tidbits that persevere in a knowledge-based environment without good science behind them….

The value of expertise

For sale: LIGHTLY USED. Remington 870 pump action for home defense! Great price! This is an ad I saw, and the more I looked the gun over, the more my eyes narrowed at the ‘great price’ being not really a ‘great deal’. At first glance, it looked ‘tactical’, sure, with a pistol-grip stock, tactical light,…

Lasers, Lights, or Au Natural?

Accessories are a little-considered topic among gun owners. Firearms consumers will spend hours– days– searching about guns. Looking for product reviews, handling dozens of firearms, consulting the knowledge pool. Relatively few of us make such an informed decision when it comes to what goes on the rail. Many folks advocate for lasers. They are not…

Training Failure

This video shows a Negligent Discharge occurring in a ‘go fast’ training environment. In this case, this is running before you’re crawling– and the ND is the result. There’s a lot of things Done Horribly Wrong here. Primarily, obviously– drawstroke failure, failing to keep your safety one, failing to keep your booger picker off the…