Training Failure

This video shows a Negligent Discharge occurring in a ‘go fast’ training environment. In this case, this is running before you’re crawling– and the ND is the result.

There’s a lot of things Done Horribly Wrong here. Primarily, obviously– drawstroke failure, failing to keep your safety one, failing to keep your booger picker off the trigger, and then, almost as egregious– the training instructor didn’t call a halt. Because when you have an ND in a class, that is the moment to shut it ALL down and have a very serious teachable moment about how this guy’s luck was one step ahead of his incompetence or stress, and that’s all that kept him from a trip to the ER. The shooter needs to make sure he never repeats that mistake and the other shooters need to learn from his example.

As someone pointed out– what is the purpose of this drill? How on earth is this doing anything but wasting ammo? Why would you be shooting one handed at non-scoring targets on the move? This is one of those drills that looks like fun but you get almost nothing meaningful out of it as a shooter. As a rule with gun training, if it looks like it belongs in an action movie, it should /stay/ in an action movie.


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