Budgeting my Gun Fund pre-Season

We’ve got a doozy of a year for gun sales; November 8 is only a few days away and there’s inevitably a rash of panic buying after an election. And with Christmas right around the corner, there’s a lot of incentive to ‘stock up’ to boot, on guns and ammunition.

This happened in 2012, and it was a mess. .22 LR was impossible to find, AR-15s were selling for 3x their MSRP, and market speculation was at an all-time high, ensuring that only the wealthy and the fearful were able to purchase firearms for themselves. Many folks who bought into panic buying lost a lot of money when the AWB and green-tip regulation didn’t happen, leaving them thousands of dollars poorer and hopefully, a little wiser.

We want to head this off this year, so I’m recommending to people– do NOT give gifts of guns and ammunition for Christmas. Instead, focus on the other aspects of the industry that aren’t ‘big ticket’ items that drive most sales.

For someone who’s into IPSC, consider a progressive press and reloading kit to help them make the sport more financially viable. Ask if they need a better competition belt or new magazine pouches.

For the rifle shooter in your life, look at a nice piece of glass or find out what upgrades they’re considering for their reloading press, if they have one. Maybe they’d like a nice Harris bipod or a drop-in trigger for a rifle they’re struggling to eke more performance out of.

Shotgunners might appreciate a membership at their local clay range, or it might be time to upgrade their clay thrower to an electronic model.

For someone who just got a CCW permit, look at getting advanced training. Passing the state carry test does not a gunslinger make, and that’s money that goes directly into the pocket of local gun instructors and helps improve the quality and quantity of training in your region for a long time to come.

Spend money locally when you can! Support small businesses, your local gun shop, regional trainers and maybe even donate some time and money to your local training range and club. Get out of the box of thinking that the only Christmas present is a new gun– and think about maybe getting some of the non-shooters in your life a free trip to a gun range or CCW course to see if you can make a convert out of them.


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