Junk in the Trunk?

I’ve started a project– maybe an over-ambitious one– to try and get a ‘kit’ in the car. It’s a 2012 Cadillac CTS-V, and I use it mostly for city driving. However, I do make frequent trips to the shooting range in it– there’s enough room for two friends, a few long rifles, and all my ammo and targets.

I got to thinking that every car should have a good emergency kit in it. I tried to break it down into emergencies I can potentially get into:

1) Someone injured at the shooting range.
2) Car wreck on the road.
3) Breakdown in inclement weather.

I’m not a prepper, and I figure my plan for TEOTWAWKI is mostly just ‘ride it out’. But I think it’s prudent to be prepared whenever possible, and I’m forming a list of ‘stuff’ to keep in the car for the above emergencies. I will have a ‘get home’ bag I start carrying regularly– that’ll live in the car most of the time, but isn’t part of the ‘permanent gear’.

The next step is going to be parse this down into medical gear, survival gear, and emergency gear. Medical gear I want to mount in  a big red bag in a prominent place, possibly on a side panel where it’s very easy to see and access even for a stranger. I’d like to fit everything else under the deck panel; there’s a space slightly smaller than a spare tire for it all.

Medical: Quick clot, cpr mask, Israeli bandage, tourniquet, gloves, band aids, shears, gauze, antibiotic cream, snake bite kit, nitrile gloves, CAT rollable splint, sunsscreen, aloe, hot/cold packs, blood pressure cuff.

Emergency: Glass breaker, emergency hatchet, knife, belt cutter, chemlights, flares, road triangles, fire extinguisher, 550 cord, duct tape, scissors, plastic bags, tow straps, flashlight.

Survival: Water, radio, powerbars, marking panel, chemlights, waterproof matches, rations, saw, TP, fold down shovel, solar blankets, 91% alcohol, steel can, wet weather gear, spare socks, 50 rounds 9mm, Nalgene with filter, hand warmers, reflective belt, spare flashlight.

What do you think?

Update: I’ve got the car almost completely stocked. I ended up with two medical bags; the slightly larger one I stuffed with things like gauze, gloves, snakebite kit, my blood-pressure cuff, and owie remedies. The bulkier things that don’t need emergency access. However, I set up a wall-mounted trauma kit that is stuck onto a MOLLE panel via hook and loop. The kit’s what I’d need to deal with a gunshot wound or car victim, and includes a CPR mask, several sheets of Quikclot, and a pair of Celox injectable clotting sponges. Additionally, I mounted the fire extinguisher under the glove box area so I can reach it from the driver’s side. I also used hook and loop stickies to mount my glass breaker/belt cutter to the side of my steering column for easy access.


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