Accurizing the Rem 700: Part 2

This was by far the most labor-intensive and costly part of this whole project. The specialized tools are not cheap and it was several hours of grunt work and angling myself around my lathe in order to do the machine work necessary. I was able to get a lot of pictures, though, and some movie!…

The Precision Rifle Project (part 1)

There are a couple of projects that are milestones for gunsmiths, in my mind. One of them is to get a family .22 up and running again (everyone has one, they all break). The second is to build a match-grade 1911. The third is a precision rifle. This is my first solo attempt at a…

National Concealed Reciprocity Act

I don’t publish a lot of political opinion on this blog, but sometimes there are events happening in politics that people need to be aware of. At the national level, one such event is HR 38 and HR 4477— the combined Congressional House bills regarding National Concealed Reciprocity as well as the Fix NICS act….

From the Bad Advice column: Beanbag rounds

Some of you are already rolling your eyes and groaning, because you’ve heard this same bad advice. File it in there with ‘rock salt’, ‘tazer rounds’, and ‘rubber bullets’. This one came courtesy of a local pawn shop. A young man and his girlfriend were shopping for a home-defense weapon. Apparently, an ‘incident’ had happened…

First Gun Problems

Approached by a friend with arthritis who needed a new gun. This one required thinking outside the box!

The Budget Gun

We’ve all been there, at one point in our lives. Ready to take the plunge into gun ownership, but facing the biggest of all obstacles: a budget. Maybe you are a college student who needs reliable self protection on campus. Or a single parent who is a little worried about trouble in the neighborhood. You…

The Twelve-Gauge Fallacies

There’s a concept called ‘common knowledge’ or ‘colloquial wisdom’ that persists in virtually every field of human discussion with institutional knowledge. This can have several definitions; the most common one is a variation on the theme that there is certain knowledge or factual tidbits that persevere in a knowledge-based environment without good science behind them….